On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in Madrid in 2004, the Association for Aid to the 11-M Victims(AAV11M) wishes to commemorate this day by launching a big campaign to pay tribute to it in the social media.

In the AAV11M, we want this 10th anniversary to be a tribute to Spanish society, which acted heroically on 11th March, 2004, and to gather all the examples of support and solidarity shown over these days.


In today’s information society, the most appropriate means can only be the social media and we have therefore decided to launch a virtual wall for the whole world where all of the commemorative messages sent to the main social media will be gathered. Together we will create a great tribute to the victims with this huge virtual monument.


From 9th to 13th March, all the messages, videos and pictures sent through the main social media—Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, Google + , Vine and app.net—containing the hashtag #11M will be gathered on our virtual platform such that the social networks and the citizens themselves will be the ones creating their own tribute.


We would like to invite all the media and all citizens to participate by using the hashtag #11M in their messages, pictures, videos etc. via any of the main social media or by directly visiting our Virtual Tribute in our website www.ayuda11m.org.


All the messages posted on this platform will be subsequently ordered and edited for posterity, available to citizens and the media as proof of the reaction of support and solidarity from society 10 years after the attacks.