The Association of Aid for the Victims of March 11 is formed through a group of people who coincide in the attempt or in medical centers and who find common needs, not only in themselves, but in others affected.

Thus, the need to communicate with other victims and offer them support, help and personal contact that had not been provided by any other organization arises in us.

Misinformation, pain, fear, isolation and the unfortunate political use of the ocured events, are the circumstances that from that moment surround all victims.

We are an apolitical non-profit association  dissociated from any type of ideology and totally independent founded on October 26, 2004. Since October 9, 2013 the Association is  considered as a public utility organization.

Our aim are summarized in these fundamental objectives.

  • The protection of all kinds of assistance to the victims of the 11M, channeling the diverse information about procedures from the different public organisms, and offering advice when it is necessary.
  • The clarification of the facts from the attempt. To Know the truth of what happened until the  last consequences.
  • Development of programs for the social insertion of victims.
  • Sensibilization and social awareness against terrorism.

As victims association, we hold regular meetings with the different organizations and foundations of Victims of Terrorism in Spain and beyond our borders.

The AAV11M has been pioneer developing European projects co-financed by the European Commission. Of these, the projects known as Vnet I and Vnet II (The voice of victims in Europe) have been very  important, which led to the formation of a European network of associations of victims of terrorism, inexistent to date.

As a result of these projects and the successes achieved, the AAV11M was awarded by the European Commission to formalize a European Network of Victims of Terrorism (NAVT) that we have had the honor to lead from 2008 to 20012, year when the contract was finished.

Due to the work performed  by NAVT, we have participated and taken the voice of European victims of terrorism  to different congresses and events organized in different European cities, together with host partner associations and NAVT. Thus, we have been present in Lisbon, Madrid, Turin, Paris, London, Omagh, Amsterdam or Brussels, to name a few examples.

Beyond the activities carried out within the scope of the European Union, the AAV11M has developed collaborations and exchanges of experiences with other associations that assist victims of terrorism in the rest of the world.

Special mention is made to the Common Bond Project where, together with the American association Tuesday’s Chilidren, we participate in the first transnational summer camp together with children victims of the September 11 and  7-J attacks , and in Israel or Northern Ireland in 2008. Both organizations were awarded in September 2012 with the prestigious “Memory, Dignity and Justice” prize awarded by the International Observatory of Victims of Terrorism of the San Pablo CEU University Foundation.

Furthermore, as a result of the sentence handed down by the Supreme Court regarding the 11-M attacks, we have appeared in all the legal cases arising from that judgment, some of which remain open today.