Aims and content of NAVT

The main aim of NAVT is to stimulate trans-national co-operation between associations of victims of terrorism and enhance the representation of victims' interests at European Union level. This should be done through the setting up and running of a stable, focussed and effective network of European associations of victims of terrorism or other non governmental organisations with a special focus on supporting victims of terrorism

The general aim of NAVT are:

  • Create a network of associations of victims of terrorism or other organizations with a special focus on supporting victims of terrorism;
  • Contribute to increase the representation of victims of terrorism in the European Union well as the solidarity of European citizens with them;
  • Assess current aid and protection offered to victims of terrorism in the European Union;
  • Gather best practices and identify gaps in the aid and protection offered to victims of terrorism;
  • Propose activities to extend best practices and address these gaps;
  • Support the Union's goal of providing aid and protection to victims of terrorism

The objectives of the Network have been:

  • Development of a unified assistance to victims or terrorism in Europe.
  • Development of the European protocol of performance in terrorist attacks.
  • Assessment to Governments, NLO, and other organizations which work with victims of terrorism.
  • Creation of list of experts in every European country, who could give the most efficient and fast support to victims in any place of Europe. These lists of experts would be proposed by the Network, among those professionals who had the enough knowledge and experience in the arena support of victims of terrorism.

National and international congreses (NAVT)

19 June, 2012

A tribute to victims of terrorism organized by the Catalan Association of Victims of Terrorist Organizations (ACVOT)

25th anniversary of the attack carried out by the terrorist group ETA in the Hipercor department store in Barcelona.
12 June, 2012

Victims of terrorism are to gather in Omagh for a new conference organized by the European Network of Associations of Victims of Terrorism

The congress, which took place last 12th and 13th June, compiled best practices drawn up at the heart of the European Union and the host organization was the Omagh Support & Self Help Group.
6 June, 2012

11th COVITE International Prize 2012 for actions in memory and support of victims of terrorism

The Group of Victims of Terrorism in the Basque Country, COVITE, has decided to award the 11th International Prize to Mr. Alfredo Tamayo Ayestarán, a Jesuit with a PhD in Theology from the University of Innsbruck and in Philosophy from the Complutense University (Madrid). He is an essayist, feature writer and lecturer
4 June, 2012

The Group of Victims of Terrorism in the Basque Country, COVITE, launches a campaign of videos in social networks to denounce 326 unsolved murders by ETA

The Spanish association demands the clarification of the murders by ETA that have not been solved and condemns the intention of imposing the terrorist group’s version of history
22 March, 2012

The Window of Hope, a tribute to the victims of the IRA’s terrorism, comes to Madrid

Michael Gallagher, on behalf of the Omagh association, and Carlos Romero, President of the San Pablo CEU University Foundation, inaugurate the stained glass window as a tribute on the premises of the University.
9 March, 2012

VIII European Day in Remembrance of Víctims of Terrorism

European victims of terrorism meet once again to mark another anniversary in Brussels in the annual tribute organized by NAVT and the European Commission.