TERRA is a European project supported by the European Commission DG Home Affairs.

The objective of TERRA is to reinforce the positive role victims and former terrorists can play in relation to the prevention of radicalisation and providing practical guidance to specific target groups. Target groups and beneficiaries include victims, (potential) terrorists, EU member states and frontline-workers in the field of law-enforcement, rehabilitation, teaching, welfare and social workers, journalists, policy makers, and religious leaders.

TERRA stimulates knowledge synthesis and exchange throughout the European Union, between groups and between member states. The project builds on the work of the Network of Victims of Terrorism (NAVT) and is complementary to and provides input for the Radicalization Awareness Network (RAN) as a ‘network of networks’.

A broad platform will be realized to exchange available materials, lessons and experiences between all member states, and to provide practical tools, advice and policy input.

Results of the project will be:

  • Network coverage in all member states (in close cooperation with the Network of Associations of Victims of Terrorism NAVT and the Radicalization Awareness Network RAN).
  • Overview and description of methods and approaches for instance, to screen victims, recognize signs of radicalization and advice to enhance the rehabilitation of terrorists.
  • Manual with recommendations for a broad group of front-liners: teachers, prison warders, policemen, social and youth workers, journalists and policy makers.
  • Guidance for journalists and policy makers
  • Education packages for schools.