Working Areas

Associate Care: Concerning first care services to the victim and their families. The management of various aids, compensations, administrative procedures, or legal advice are matters attended by the social leaders of the Association.

Social Work: Information projects, care, advice and processing of aids in the social, economic and labour sphere Management is carried out before the various institutions – public or private – both local, regional, national or international. This area contains the management of aid for the victims of March 11th and their families, as well as support in their social reintegration, social consciousness and awareness-raising projects against terrorism.

Psychological Care: Individualized care for victims and family members who demand it, or those others where the need for this type of assistance has been identified. Individual and group therapies.

Communication and Social consciousness: Information, Awareness and consciousness Projects. Social communication tasks and relations of the Association with media.



In cooperation with the Foundation of Victims of Terrorism, which serve to provide support and assistance in the following tasks:

  • Social Assistance:The fundamental objective of this program is to guide, inform, advise and accompany victims and their families in overcoming the consequences of the 11-M attack, in their normalization process and in the effective social insertion throughout a globalized intervention, and in all individual areas : family, work, school and social, providing, in all cases, the support and the necessary information to meet and satisfice their needs, facilitating access to existing resources for this group.

This assistance translates into the implementation of projects carried out from the area of social work, as well as the accompaniment understood as:

  • Accompaniment to manage documents before the corresponding Institutions (Ministry of the Interior, Imserso Etc).
  • Accompaniment to Medical Courts, medical reviews, hospitals
  • Accompaniment during trials.
  • Psychological Assistance: Individualized care. It is up to the psychologists of the Association to bring to fruition the project of psychological support personally designed for victims and their families. The consultations, previously arranged, take place at the headquarters of the Association.