The event, attended by numerous personalities and institutions, recognized the experience and merits of the award-winners: the Association for Aid to the 11-M Victims, Tuesday´s Children and Irene Villa. 


Angeles Dominguez, the Association for Aid to the 11-M Victims’ president, thanked those present for the award, given to the association she presides in recognition of "her tireless work to discover the whole truth about the brutal attack of 11th March, 2004" and for the “special dedication in helping” those affected. She also took the opportunity to ask the authorities present "how is it possible that it has to be us, the victims, who lead the legal proceedings and take on the responsibility that should be that of the public authorities?" This brought applause from the audience.

Kathy Murphy, representing the American Association and director of the Common Bond Project, gave thanks for the recognition. In her speech, she specifically paid tribute to Spanish sensitivity to the victims of terrorism, saying it is at the forefront in the world. Nor did she miss this opportunity to mention the other award-winning association, Association for Aid to the 11-M Victims, as a participant and an essential partner in the first Common Bond Project that took place in 2008. This extraordinary initiative, which has been recognized and awarded, brings together child victims of terrorism in different countries in a summer camp.

Finally, Irene Villa, a victim of ETA, said in her speech that the victims "want truth, respect, freedom and peace—but peace and understood through justice and without impunity."